With Snapics you can automatically run visual tests and capture all the differences on the pages by yourself without writing a single line of code. This way you can greatly simplify your testing process, save time, money and resources. Our service is designed with simplicity in mind and made accessible to anyone.

Easily organize the tests in projects!

  • You don’t need technical skills anymore! Setup a project with a few clicks
  • Automatically run visual tests on any screen size
  • Update baseline images when you’re satisfied with the changes
  • Run your projects in parallel
  • Automated visual testing has never been easier

Manage the tests on your own

Now with our easy admin panel you can create and manage automatic visual tests by yourself. Define the steps of each test by simply selecting from predefined list:
  • Click buttons and links
  • Type in fields
  • Remove elements you don’t want to capture


We provide our customers a wide selection of features. They allow each client to be fully aware of the visual changes on their site. This is possible due to fully automated image capturing giving 100% of precise differences and intuitive app interface.

Instant results

Snapics keeps track of your baseline snapshots and can immediately show you what exactly has changed on your website.

Easy to Use Control Panel

We designed our UI with simplicity in mind. Everything can be achieved with few clicks.

Scheduled Jobs

Use our scheduler to run tests automatically and receive regular reports.

Email notifications

Be notified on important events for your site and receive test summary reports.


Simple yet effective and easy to use dashboard that displays the most valuable data for your websites. Analyse the health of your site without any additional configuration.

Cloud based no setup

Our system runs entirely in the cloud. This way it can be accessed from everywhere at any time. No local setup is needed you just login to our portal

snapics slider snapics slider dashboard snapics slider Snapics slider last run snapics slider Snapics slider last run

Dashboard. Project monitoring

Snapics provides a summary of your tests and runs data. Use our automated visual testing service to analyze and improve the testing of your site. Snapics offers a detailed description of the executions of your projects. Moreover, it is possible to check your runs on the history menu.

snapics faq


Do I need to have technical skills to use Snapics?

No. We designed our UI to allow users to implement their testing strategy without any technical skills

How long does it take to setup my account after signing up?

Your account is ready to use immediately after registration.

Do snapshot runs expire after some time?

No. They are available indefinitely

Can I take snapshots of only parts of the page?

Yes. You can test the whole page, only single html element or region defined by specifying X, Y, Width and Height.

Do you have free plans?

Currently the service is in free beta. But even if we exit the beta stage and put pricing we will still allow our user to use the service for free but with some limitation