Companies often ignore automated visual testing because they do not have the time to integrate it or because they simply do not know that it exists. Now it is possible and Snapics provides it. In the following paragraphs, we examine the way automated visual testing is done and how Snapics achieves it.

How automated visual testing works

It turns out that finding a change in the design of your site is quite difficult. There are no easy ways to do it and automate it. To find a visual change, there has to be a base for comparison. Manual visual testing requires a base to compare the current state with like a design or a snapshot of the site itself. Thus, we can easily recognize the problem, because we know the correct state. In this way, mistakes are easily noticed.

Automated visual testing uses the same principle. It requires a baseline image and a current image of the site. It compares the two images and outputs the differences between them. This method requires a site configuration with all the elements that customers want to compare.

How to capture images

It is clear that automated visual testing is achievable through image comparison – a base image and a current state image. The question at hand is how to capture these images. The most often used method to browse the site is Selenium. However, there are also ways including javascipt libraries. You will need QAs to write those scripts and provide them to the comparison application. At this point, most companies give up because these scripts require maintenance. Also, they need people familiar with the technology.

However, in Snapics we use a different method for comparison. The customer doesn’t need to write any script, while the maintenance is quite easy. The principle is the same – first you take the baseline image when you think your site is in a good shape and then you are ready to test.

What is needed for automated visual testing

In general, automated visual testing requires:

  • Team of developers / QAs
  • Written automation scripts
  • Maintenance of these scripts
  • App to compare images
  • Decent report, so that you can easily check where the visual difference is and take the necessary actions

Take advantage

Snapics contains all of the above at the same time. You will automatically browse the site and capture visual changes while maintaining your tests with a few clicks. For more information, check Snapics.