Snapics vs Selenium - Testing Devices

What is Automation Testing?

In website testing, automation testing means using an tool separate from the software being tested to execute your test case suite. Above all it is used to automate test cases that will be repeatedly executed, time consuming and critical for the business. However, it is increasingly being used for visual tests. The best features of the automation tools are the possibility to repeat pre-recorded and predefined actions, compare the results to the expected behavior and report the outcome of these tests to a test engineer. There are automation tools for almost all known programming languages. The most used combination is Java + Selenium. But currently the most popular is WebdriverIO which is another variant of the Selenium Release. It is still evolving.


Selenium is the first thing that comes as an idea when you want to test a website. In these modern times, not using selenium is a waste of money and time. Web sites have evolved and have very advanced features that require to be constantly checked.

Benefits of automated functional testing:

  • Saves time and cost
  • More faster than the manual testing
  • Easily increase the test coverage
  • Test periodically
  • It can execute multiple tests at a time
  • Cross browser testing

More or less functional testing become critical and for this reason visual testing remains a bit backward. But the use of selenium does not mean that you cannot use different tools in combination with it.


Why using Snapics? Snapics is cloud based visual automation tool.

Benefits of automated visual testing:

  • Test what the user sees not what the developer sees
  • Lower cost for test maintenance
  • Programming language independence
  • Easy to see what is wrong
  • No more manual testing
  • Cloud based

Snapics vs Selenium

As you can see, most of the benefits of both tools are the same. Comparing the Snapics and Selenium is impossible because they test different aspects of a website. However that doesn’t mean you can’t use them together. In fact, to maximize your results and reduce your costs, it’s best to use automated testing for both functional and visual test cases.

Check all the benefits of using snapics and start using it now.