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Create project

To create project on Snapics, click on the “+” icon on the top of the left side panel. The pop-up window displays mandatory fields – “Project name”, “Host”, as well as device resolution. These settings are necessary and will be used for all tests that are created in the project.

Project name

This is the name of your project. You can use it only inside the platform so that you know what you are testing.

Snapics create project - name
Create project – name


This is the host name of your site including the protocol. For example, input “https://snapics.co”. In this way when you make tests you can add only the part of the url that represents your page, like “/home” or “/blog”.

Snapics create project - host
Create project – host

Device resolution

Device resolution is a size value with options for desktop, tablet and mobile. Snapics will use the specific device to open your site and capture screenshots.

Snapics create project - device option
Create project – device option

Additional options

There is an email notification toggle button. When you turn it on, you agree to receive reports on the execution of the job.

There is one additional toggle button, which is for site protection mode. It is turned off by default for every project. If you turn it on, you can add username and password.

Snapcs create project - additional options
Create project – additional options

Just click save and you will create your first project on the Snapics platform.