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Create test

The create test button in Snapics appears on the “tests” view. To reach this option click on the “tests” link in the header. Pop-up window appears when you click on “+”. The create test window contains 2 mandatory fields – “Test name” and “Page url”.

Test name

Test name is the name indicator of your test.

Snapics create test - home
Create test – name

Page url

Page url is that part of the url which represents the page without the host name. Example “/home”, “/blog”.

Snapics create test - page url
Create test – page url

Screenshot type

Snapics offers three options for taking a snapshot.


Snapics will capture snapshot of the whole page in the selected resolution in the project settings.


This option needs css selector. The snapshot will be only on the specific element with that selector.


This option needs an input of 4 parameters: x, y, width, height. Snapics will capture a snapshot of the area accordingly.

Snapics create test - screenshot option
Create test – snapshot options


All test actions also appear in the test pop-up window. In order to add an action, first select the type and click on “Add action” button.

We have four type actions:

  • Click element
  • Wait time
  • Type in field
  • Remove element

What is the purpose of these actions? When you test your site, probably you will need to do some actions before capturing the screenshot. You can use click element action for example if you need to close some pop-up before Snapics captures the snapshot. All additional fields that appear with the respective action are mandatory.


The click element action needs an input “css selector”. Check the post if you want to know more about how to write css selectors.


Wait time action needs an input “time”, which is in miliseconds. You can use this action if you have some content which takes more time to be loaded and you want to ensure that this content is displayed before snapics captures the screenshot.


The input action needs “css selector” and “text”. Css selector is the selector of the input field where you want to enter a text and the “text” is the value that you will enter.


The remove element needs “css selector”. This is the selector of the element you want remove before the snapshot. For example dynamic content, ads, and banners.

Snapics will execute the actions in a row according to the way they are added and before capturing the screenshot.

Snapics - actions
Create test – actions


In addition, customers can add a failure threshold option. If you expect to have some differences because of the dynamic content, you can set the value by your judgement to avoid failure. In this way, if Snapics captures differences under this percentage, it will not trigger test failure.

Snapics create test - failure threshold
Create test – failure threshold

Click save and create your test on Snapics.