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Last run

Snapics last run shows information about results of the last comparing of the chosen project. To have access to this information, you must click a project from the navigation at the left sidebar. It is possible to check Snapics last result even if a single test run is made.

The information at the top is about run type and date of the run.

The screen shows every passed and failed tests.

Passed tests

In this list Snapics shows only the name of the test without image, as it matches the baseline snapshot.

Failed tests

The result from the failed test is an image, consisting three snapshots. The left side image is the baseline snapshot, the right is the new one. Between both snapshots there is an image that shows the difference between them.

When you click on the result, you can observe the details in a pop-up window. Moreover, the image appears on a new tab in a full screen mode if you decide to click on it.

You are able to download all the images at once, using the download button. Snapics allows you to save the images in a zip file in png format.

Snapics last run