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Project navigation

Snapics’ project navigation is situated on the left sidebar. It consists of a list of all your projects. From the “add project” button you can add new ones. For each project there are four main functions:

  • – Delete
  • – Edit
  • – Run snapshot
  • – Update snapshot


Should you choose to delete a project, a new window pops-up for confirmation. After that, the information about the project, its history, and saved tests will be deleted.


Through this function you can remodel all data about the project, even if there are already accomplished runs. The form is the same as the “add project” button.

Run snapshot

It activates a comparing of all the tests for the project. However, to use this function, there must be a baseline snapshot of every test.

Update snapshot

Captures all baseline snapshots of each test. Moreover, you can check them in the test view section.

Snapics project navigation

In conclusion, Snapics’ project navigation is a useful way to browse your projects and edit them.