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To use the Snapics tests view, you must choose a specific project on the left side bar. This view consists of scheduled runs, add new test, and a list of test boxes. Moreover, Snapics tests screen allows you to check your baseline snapshots.

Scheduled runs

Scheduled runs is an on/off toggle button. When we choose “on”, it activates automatic runs. They can be triggered on specific time options: 2, 6, 12 and 24 hours. From the moment the option is chosen, the countdown begins.

Test box

Each test box has a baseline snapshot and four main functions, which are the same as the project:

  • – delete
  • – edit
  • – update baseline
  • – run

The background of the test box is its baseline image. When clicked on the box, a detailed pop-up will appear.


When you confirm the delete option, the test history and the test baseline snapshot are removed.


The edit button gives the possibility of changing all data of the test and the form is same as “the create new test” form.

Update baseline

When clicking the update button, Snapics will capture a new baseline snapshot of the chosen test.


If you choose the run option, Snapics will capture new snapshot and will compare it with the baseline. Snapics immediately shows the result on the “last run” view.

Snapics tests